Once all the web pages and content are up, next I perform basic Winnipeg SEO optimization to ensure the website has a better chance at ranking in Google right out of the box. These basic SEO factors that I optimize are what you’ll need in order to be set up for an actual full SEO campaign. A full campaign is purchased separately, but I ensure you don’t have to do double work by having the basics in place. Many websites start to rank in Google just with these basics in place.

Search Engine Optimization is a slow process and I tell all my clients that. Do not expect your targeted keywords to show well right away. SEO takes about 3-6 months before you see positive results.

To help with my SEO research of targeted keywords I would suggest you have Google Analytics and Google Search Console setup. I can then use a metric tool like Google Data Studio to see what keywords are being typed, how many impressions are being made on the keyword and the percentage of clicks. This is where I can make suggestions for Winnipeg SEO on your site and to improve web traffic and ranking.


Here are the benefits of Rob Ellis Winnipeg SEO:

  • I use SEO tools to find what users are typing and the impressions they have to let you know if the keyword is worth focusing on or not?
  • I Make sure your page structure and website is setup for SEO
  • I make sure you utilize on-page and off-page SEO
  • I will make sure your website loads quick
  • Correct plugins and caching tools are installed to help with page load speed

Using Rob Ellis web design Winnipeg and digital marketing services is a great method to promote your products and services.

Winnipeg SEO

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      Working with Rob Ellis WordPress SEO offers many advantages. I service the GTA with our bread and butter being SEO and WordPress.

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      Is your business seeking a WordPress website? Does your site need a redesign or a new look? Rob Ellis web design caters to the small business client.


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