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Why is my Alexa ranking dropping?

I thought I would throw this blog post out there and see if I can get some replies.

On most of my sites my Alexa ranking has dropped. On a couple of sites I run, I update it every single day, the site has proper meta tags, quick to download etc but my ranking dropped by the millions! This is all happening as my site becomes more popular, my web traffic keeps increasing month-to month but Alexa goes down.

Why am I so worried about the Alexa ranking? Since I do get decent traffic, I do get emails from Ad Agencies wanting to write articles or pay me monthly for ads to be displayed on my sites. These Ad agencies look at the Alexa ranking for pricing even though my analytics show a great deal of traffic.

As I write this little post, I see I have my Alexa ranking back on robellis.ca, but yesterday my Alexa ranking toolbar was greyed out (no ranking). Maybe this is a small glitch with Alexa but I guess I will monitor the ranking bar for the next few months and provide you updates in the comment box below.


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