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How to remove a tick Canada

Ticks in CanadaTo get rid of a TICK.

This is important for us here in Canada as Ticks are quite commom, especially in Ontario, Quebec and Manitoba.

A nurse has discovered a safe and easy way to remove ticks, making it less traumatic for the patient and easier for you.¬†Here’s a way to eliminate them on you, your children and your pets.

  1. Apply a small amount of liquid soap on a cotton ball
  2. Cover the tick with the soap soaked cotton ball
  3. Blot it for a few seconds ( 15-20 )
  4. The tick will spontaneously detach and stick to the cotton as you remove it.

Spread this helpful tip! This may help so many, especially with those hard to reach areas.

Tip: Keep liquid soap & cotton balls in your summer first aid kit.


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