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Do not deal with Meldin Kuburas from WCP Wireless – he will screw you over

Do not deal with Meldin Kuburas from WCP Wireless – he will screw you over

A quick note for anyone who is looking to buy a phone from Rogers. Please stay away from Meldin Kuburas. He will screw you over with Rogers wireless. He promises discounts and credits on the phone, saying they will be applied, then he disappears and Rogers credit demands full payment for an iPhone!

Again, DO NOT deal with this piece of shit named Meldin Kuburas. He is a scammer! His title is SMB Specialist | Wireless Communication Plus | Rogers Wireless. Do not deal with him. My wife has dealt with Rogers credit for almost 2 weeks, trying to defend this guy, give him a a final chance to fix the situation, now my wife has broken down, cried, frustrated all because this wanker has not done what was promised and disappeared.

You think a person dealing with a corporate account would care. Not the case here.

It is amazing what you can find online when you google a person’s name. His handle on the world wide web is OaksFinest lol What a cocky little fucker. More like Oaks Shittiest! Well Oaksfinest, aka Oakville’s biggest pussy, where he likes to hide away, not answering phone calls or emails, not willing to help out a situation YOU fucked up… Karma is a bitch and it will get you!

That is all for now!

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  • Mr. Do
    January 19, 2017, 8:01 pm REPLY

    Thanks for the blog post! This guy sounds like a piece of shit. I will not deal with WCP wireless!

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