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Bowflex HVT Review

Bowflex HVT Review

Bowflex HVT Review

My wife and I decided to get ourselves back in shape and wanted a machine to work on muscle building along with cadrio. After a lot of research, reading and watching videos we decided on the Bowflex HVT. The price of the Bowflex HVT dropped from $1799 to $999 which made our decision a lot easier in buying the machine.

Assembling the Bowflex HVT

I decided to assemble the Bowflex HVT myself instead of paying the over $200 assembly fee. After reading what others said about the assembly I knew it would take time and patience.

I ordered the HVT on a Sunday and it arrived at my house on Wednesday so shipping is very quick. It did arrive in two large boxes and they are heavy. I was home when the delivery arrived. Fedex knocked on my door and I helped the delivery guy unload the boxes and bring to my garage. If I was not there, the guy would likely have dragged the boxes! The boxes are each over 100 pounds.

The assembly part was not too difficult. Give yourself about 3 hours for unpacking and assembly. I watched the Bowflex HVT assembly video and followed the instructions on the manual. The only thing I will say, it will be difficult to align the screws to the holes at the back base but just DO NOT tighten the screws all the way until the manual says to. I was able to assemble the HVT myself but having another person will be helpful in getting the holes to align.

Bowflex HVT
Bowflex HVT after assembly in my basement

Using the BowFlex HVT

My wife and I decided to follow the workout manual that is provided with the Bowflex HVT. What I would recommend before actually using the 3 programmed workout routines is to go through the manual and do the exercises yourself before using the programmed app.

By going through the exercise routines and learning what a chest fly is, crossover moves, etc… You will be able to follow the programmed routine and know what exercises to perform instead of trying to look at the manual and figure it out as the programmed routine is quick and you go from one exercise to the next and you should know how to do the exercise.

I am using the Builder workout and it is an intense 21 minute workout. I consider myself to be in decent shape, so with a resistance level of 11, I feel the burn and soreness the next day from using the Builder workout option.

I have noticed muscle build and leaning out. I am 5’10” 193 lbs and I am toning up pretty good with this machine. I use it every other day so the results are showing. Like anything other weight / exercise machine, you will never see results unless you do the exercises often. Just set aside 25 minutes and workout every other day and the results will show to go along with feeling good about yourself.

Bowflex HVT conclusion

In closing, I would highly recommend the HVT. You will get a great workout and you will see results if you use the machine often. Set aside 3 hours to assemble the machine and have patience! Before going into using the programmed workouts, go through the manual and learn each exercise and the programmed workouts will work well. Give it about 3 full workouts before you get used to what exercise routine to perform.

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below!


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  • Greg Ichshenko
    November 28, 2019, 12:13 pm REPLY

    I was also planning to get it for my gym in my house, but I was keen on reading its review before making the purchase. With this blog, I think I should go for it as it will be a good addition.

  • Tim
    February 12, 2020, 6:25 pm REPLY

    regarding height. do you find you extend up beyond the top of the unit? how much “headroom” should it have? worried about the spot in the basement i want it. I’m 6’1″

    • robellis@Tim
      February 12, 2020, 7:32 pm REPLY

      I have not extended beyond the top of the unit. The top handles you are always pulling down. The bottom handles you do pull above your head if you want to do that type of exercise. I am 5’10” and have a bit of space. You could be pushing it for being 6’1″. But I mainly follow the booklet for the builder exercise and I do not go above my head.

      It is a great machine. I use it 3 times a week and gives me a great workout!

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