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100% Disk Usage Slowing PC fix

100% Disk Usage Slowing PC fix

You logged onto your computer and you find our your PC is running really slow. You press CTRL/ALT/Delete, go to task manager and see your disk usage at 100%. The big question is, how do I fix this?

If you google the solution, most fixes for the 100% disk usage fix is to: Disable superfetch. Ctrl-R > services.msc -> go to superfetch, right click -> properties -> change startup type to ‘disabled’ -> click stop -> watch disk usage plummet to 0% -> be happy.

The above fix did not work for me. I read online for other solutions and one fix was to disable Windows Defender. I did not want to do this as I think it is a great idea to have your virus scanner running. Under Update & Security – Windows Update – I found I had a lot of updates – One was a Dell firmware, once I installed the firmware update for my PC, this fixed my 100% disk usage.

This exact fix might not fix your specific issue, but I would recommend going through your Windows Updates to see if it will fix your 100% disk usage issue?

Hope this small tutorial will help you out! Good luck!


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